I’ve had writer’s block for a while now, and every time I ask God what should I write about next, I feel Him leading me to write about Him. And so I will obey.

This is one of the many stories I have about the love of my life and…

Line Drawings by Nadja

I’ve been looking back at old photos, something I do very often, but these days, when I look back on old photos of myself I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Memories of the different and difficult places I have been, begin to rush back to me. Some days I cry happy tears…

A trio of Amy Sherald Portraits

Shame is something I said goodbye to a long time ago because its very premise is based on lies. Lies that I am strong enough to admit and lies that society has decided to hang on my neck.

The lies?

That I’m incapable of experiencing unfortunate situations outside of my…

My Country Has No Name — Toyin Ojih Odutola

“Racism is not mere dislike.

Racism is driven by power, by fear of losing it, and by a grotesque desire for more of it.”

Bernice King

When I think of how to explain the way racism feels to me, I think of a very heavy bag that was packed for…

by Manzel Bowman – @artxman

Lupita punctuates my dark-skinned experience perfectly.

There was the world, Before Lupita and the world, After Lupita.

Before Lupita,

Like many dark-skinned girls, I struggled with seeing myself as beautiful and it didn’t help that I was told I wasn’t, a lot. As a kid, I must have been a…

illustration by Rayna Noreiga

For as long as I can remember, female friendship groups have been the bane of my existence. No matter how hard I tried, (and believe me, I did), it just never clicked for me in the sex and the city, sisterhood of the travelling pants way I so desired. Don’t…

Thoughts I’ve gathered since I became one

When I think of motherhood now, the first word that comes to my mind is stretch.

Stretching is consistent in all aspects of becoming a mother and I think the changes to the body are the perfect metaphor. Your entire being grows to accommodate. Your mind, spirit, body. Your time…

Growing up Christian, I was introduced to Jesus at a young age and nothing ever made me contend who He said He was. I was taught to love Jesus, taught that He was my friend. Our relationship became a routine of morning and evening prayers, I didn’t want to offend…

Written for Magnify Magazine: May 27th, 2020

How much of our identity is rooted in our ambition? Do you see yourself as more valuable, important, worthy, impressive because of your achievements? Do you feel insignificant, unworthy, less confident when you haven’t quite reached your goals? Does your ambition validate your…

Feyi Bello

29. Painfully self aware. Constantly overthinking. Trying not to completely lose my sh*t. Profile Photo by my daughter 🌹

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